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ONeNess Foundations was founded by Tabitha Edithmary Price in 2014. The inspiration behind the Foundation is the fact that my Father became an orphan at the age of 6 years. He was relocated to live with his uncle and wife who punished him by starving him of food on a daily basis. His three sisters were forced into child marriages which lead to the untimely death of one of the sisters during her first child birth. The baby died as well.


My father suffered so much due to lack of food that he dropped out of school and had to fend for himself at an early age. He suffered a devastating humiliation from his uncle’s wife who wanted him rather dead in order for her own son to ascend the throne of his father which was his inalienable birth right. After the completion of standard six education, he could not continue to high school education, but rather joined the Nigerian police force where he served for over 30 years and retired honorably.


As I grew up and heard my dad’s agonizing story, I felt very bad and I made a decision that no child or individual should go hungry due to death of a parent or due to abuse and neglect. This has been my passion in the service of humanity. My inspiration is deep rooted in my believe to LOVE one another as LOVE is kind, caring, compassionate, giving and sacrifice.

Following my services as a child protective caseworker with the Texas Department of Protective and Family Services, my passion for humanity grew stronger which further compelled me to become a foster parent for over 9 years. My years of interesting experience motivated me in establishing ONeNess Foundations is to help people in need here in the United States as well as millions of children in my father’s situation in Nigeria. The objective is also focused on how to end child homelessness, hunger and alleviate poverty.



ONeNess Foundations programs are streamlined to conform to the objectives of United Nations. We were conferred with an active Consultative Status by the United Nations in June of 2019.


We are working to achieve a global campaign for a sustainable healthy living initiative. Our giant stride is to give hope and foster dreams alongside providing different categories of services such as Hunger relief, foster parenting, adequate housing, preserve human dignity, and promote continuity in care services to achieve wellness.


In conclusion, I believe that, everyone deserves a chance of living a more dignified life, a better future and pursuit of happiness.

Generally, ill treatment of others is not the way to go.

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