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International Law requires that any medication used in the residential treatment center must:

  • Be administered or supervised by the staff.

  • Be in the original container.

  • Be labeled with the child’s name.

  • If prescription medication, it must be labeled with the date and name of the physician prescribing the medication.


ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, Inc. staff will supervise resident on self-medication to ensure that medication is taken as recommended by the prescribing physician in terms of:

  • Right person

  • Right medication

  • Right time

  • Right route

  • Right dosage

  • Right documentation



The health and well-being of each child is of primary importance to all of us. When symptoms such as fever or unusual changes in personality are noticed, we will immediately notify it to the attention of the PCP for medical checkup. If a child appears to be seriously ill, or highly infectious, we will minimize contact of the affected child to the rest of the children until cleared by the PCP. All members of our staffs are trained in First-Aid and CPR. Any injuries sustained by a child will be documented with a written form and parent/legal guardian notified if necessary. Resident will be examined by their PCP annually for complete physical and every six months for routine Dental checkups.



  • We will provide one bathroom for 8 children as required by the minimum standard.

  • For resident with bed wetting problems, staffs will remind and encourage them to use the bathroom more frequently.

  • The resident will also be evaluated by their PCP/ Neurologist for possible use of medication and pull-ups to keep them dry and avoid skin break up.

  • Resident refusing to follow the recommendation of the Physician will be subject to case staffing with their parent/legal guardian in order to prevent health risks to other children.

  • Residents are expected to clean the bathroom after themselves for the use of others.

  • Resident should not leave their personal belongings in the bathroom after use.

  • Residents are expected to be reasonable with time when using the bathroom to give others chance.

  • Resident should return their hygiene items to the hygiene designated area after use.

  • Items not returned may be subject to be thrashed.

  • Dropping of sanitary pads in the commode is highly prohibited. Sanitary pad should wrap in an air tight grocery bag and dispose off inside the trash can in the bathroom.


A violation of this rule will result to loss of privileges, level drop and including suspension/discharge from program.



  • Resident will have privacy while changing clothes.

  • Residents will have ample use of their own clothes; however, we recommend minimizing the change of clothes to at least two a day, except there is incident of unusual soiling necessitating additional change of clothes. Residents are expected to put their dirty clothes in a designated laundry basket.


A violation of this rule will result to loss of privileges, level drop and including suspension/discharge from program.



  • Residents are expected to observe quite time in their respective rooms, in the absence of noise, no horse playing with each other, no loud music or fighting, and no wandering about from room to room.

  • Resident are expected to be on their beds reflecting on positive goals, engage in peer talks, reading, writing letters, poems, drawing, finishing of home works.

  • Residents are expected to get a drink of water before quite time starts.

  • Bathroom use during quite time should be quietly done.

  • Excessive excuse of using the bathroom/getting a drink of water during quite time will not be tolerated.

  • Residents are not allow to make phone calls during rest/quite time.


A violation of this rule will result to loss of privileges, level drop and including suspension/discharge from program.



ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, Inc. will attempt to address each childs needs and speak to them as individuals. There is no group discipline; we work with each child individually. When the actions of a resident are unacceptable, there will be a peer/staff talk about the resident actions.


If the unacceptable actions continue, the resident may be asked to sit apart from the group for a few minutes. If necessary, the resident may be removed from the room to be with other staffs until they compose themselves.


If there is a continuing problem we will work with the resident and treatment team to set goals for the resident and to help the resident achieve these goals with the support and cooperation of the treatment.


Often there are changes in the homes/family that affect the resident leading to negative behavioral changes, if there are such changes, we will ask the parent/legal guardian to inform us, so we can help the resident with extra love and understanding regarding the situation.


ONeNess Foundations Diaspora USA, Inc. would inform the residents therapist of any changes that could hinder the childs progress and utilize the therapist professional skills to engage the resident in a more positive way.

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